Motivating Yourself

Put an exact realistic day where you are going to do something. And dedicate that day or period of time into focusing every single part of your energy into doing that thing at 100% capacity. Through doing this you will gain the maximum amount of knowledge from said thing.


For example, you want to get fit. Pick a day that you have free and you have no plans or distractions. Don’t pick a Monday if you know you will be spending the week end partying and not relaxing. This is setting yourself up for failure and will start your week badly. On the day you choose, free your mind from other distractions and focus entirely on your goal. Decide what level of fitness you want to achieve, be it muscular, aerobic or flexibility and set yourself a realistic target to aim towards. Start the day by researching via the Internet, or more knowledgeable friends about meal plans, workout routines, when to eat and how to maximise your workout. You will then go into this with a positive attitude knowing exactly what to do and in the most efficient way. You will end your day feeling fantastic and then keen to continue with your plan. It is imperative to always have goals and something that you are aiming for, but that these goals are realistic and achievable. Each small victory is positive reinforcement for ourselves and gives us the motivation to carry on.

This logic and basic process can be applied to any skill or obstacle that you need to overcome. Just remember to set realistic goals with realistic time frames. If you do not reach your goal but you have given it your best then this is not a failure this is a win as you have followed through with what you aimed to do – and for whatever reason your goal or target was unachievable in this instance.

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