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Barcelona July 2019

Hey Everyone,

As some of you may already know, I spent my life feeling lost and lonely, and struggling with severe ADHD, drug addiction, alcoholism and mental health issues.

In September 2017 I made the decision to go, “Cold Turkey”, and seek professional help in order to overcome my addictions and get treated for ADHD and drug and alcohol addiction. 

In February 2019, after nearly a year and a half of recovery – and endless soul searching, I decided to quit my job and decide to head to Brazil to begin my “Quest For Wisdom”. 

Wisdom to me means using experience and knowledge in order to make the best judgement to handle situations and overcome problems in the best way possible. This is very important, and crucial to the message that I want to portray, as Wisdom is completely subjective.

The purpose of my blog is to use my personal experiences, and the knowledge I have gained from these, to help people realise how they can tap into their own personal knowledge and intelligence, in order to overcome their problems in the way that is most appropriate to them.

I am very cautious not to be perceived as a, “preacher”, as what I write is just simple advice, which can be taken or ignored, and I hope that what I write will be relatable to as many people as possible. 

My plan while I was in Brazil was to integrate into the Brazilian culture and spend the time learning as much as I possibly could about myself and about life. I became fluent in the language,  intensely trained Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, spent time training Capoeira, Judo, Muay Thai and Boxing, went trekking in the Amazon – 1000km from the nearest city, and learned from the natives how to survive in the jungle. I was planning to do an Ayahuasca retreat but unfortunately due to interactions with prescription medications I was unable to do this retreat. 

In the past couple of years I have met some really amazing people who have inspired me to start writing a blog which I hope will be able to Inspire, Motivate and hopefully Entertain people.

I want to use my experiences so far in life with Alcohol and Drug Addiction to be able to help people realise that there is an alternative, and that they can defeat their problems. 

Since quitting alcohol I have had so many people reach out to me asking for advice and help and so I thought that I would incorporate this into my blog to try and reach as many people as possible.

By no means am I perfect or claiming to have overcome all my issues, but I want young people with ADHD and alcohol or drug addiction issues to realise that they are not alone.

The blog will focus not only on my experiences – past and present – but more importantly, what I learn from them. It will also be filled with some more philosophical topics, current societal issues, and some deep thinking.

I plan on launching a few businesses, and a lot of artistic projects which I am very excited about, so it will also continue on with my progress on these projects.

Throughout the whole process of writing the blog I would love constant feedback from everyone. It is a learning process for me as I have never done something like this before.

I want to be challenged. Challenged to do things, challenged on the points I make, challenged to find out more information about a topic that interests you. I truly believe that as a society we need to challenge each other more and not just accept things at face value.

We need to stop thinking that our dreams are unreachable and that “I” could not possibly do that. We are all capable of making an impact and leaving a legacy, and this is what I hope my blog will help people to realise.

I would love it if you could share this page as much as possible and spread it via word of mouth so that I can reach as many people as possible.

If you would like to ask me anything the best way to do this is via message on the Facebook page or Instagram – or via message on my personal Facebook if you know me. You can also comment on the post or send me an email.




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