Curiositividad – The Social Experiment

Curiosity Killed the Cat

Creativity is Contagious – Pass It On*


*Albert Einstein

Curiositividad is a combination of curiosidad and creatividad – the Spanish words for Curiosity and Creativity. Curiositivity was already taken so I had to modify it a bit! Coo-Ree-Oh-Sih-Tih-Vih-Dad

Keep an eye on this page because bit by bit I am going to fill it with amazing creations from people, and will be providing more information for everyone.

Follow the Instagram page as well to see updates on the project

My goal is to re-ignite the art of letter sending by sending hand written letters to people from all around the world. Within the letters will be part of my soul and I will be asking people to complete little challenges.

My aim is to spark creativity and give people a break from the monotony of life and try something different. With all of the creations and information that I receive from the community that we create I plan to make some sort of exhibition or book of amazing Curiositividad!

To join the experiment email me your address to

Any questions please ask!!

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