Drugs Are Bad Mkay

Drugs Are Bad Mkay

Why are illegal drugs frowned upon when the effects of commonly used drugs on society are minimal compared to those caused by the legal drugs such as Alcohol, Nicotine and Sugar?

I recently read a great book called Good Cop Bad War by Neil Woods which is written by an Ex-Policeman who spent his career working undercover to try and take down drug gangs in the UK.

The War On Drugs

After seeing how the war on drugs was doing nothing except unnecessarily punishing users either trying to enjoy themselves, or maintain their addiction and stop themselves from falling ill in the case of heroin users Woods decided that he would dedicate his life to reforming drug policy in the UK.

This is a well-respected and successful police officer with a fantastic track record who became exasperated with the lack of flexibility and progression in the drug policy in the UK.

What I think “non-users” don’t understand is that every drug that people take, (including Strattera / Atomoxetine – my legally prescribed powerful mind-altering substance), have a list of benefits and can help people massively – in the same way that any medication can.

I will be writing separate articles about my experiences with different drugs and also the positive and negative effects of each.

Drugs Are Medicines

All the drugs I have ever used have helped me massively as I hopped from drug to drug learning all about them and taking all the benefits that I could from them.

Of course, it is a risky business to take addictive and moreish substances when you are an obsessive and excessive person like myself, and I have ended up in a lot of sticky situations both mentally and physically from the inability to control myself.

Conor passed out
Back in the glory days of downing bottles of vodka

Drugs Aren´t The Problem – People Are

The issue is that drugs are labelled as bad because some people cant control themselves. Drugs aren´t the problem – people are. People aren´t educated about drug use, they are simply told not to do it.

I notice that nowadays that there is a large increase in people of all ages using drugs as tools for either relaxing or learning and working and pushing the brain further.

Study Drugs

Study drugs such as Ritalin, Adderall and Modafinil are becoming increasingly popular for their reported cognitive enhancement and so students of all ages are taking these drugs to study harder.

Is it wrong to take drugs to help you work harder and make a better life for yourself? Is the person popping a pill different to the person guzzling litres of thick sugary coffee?

Teenagers need to be educated on how to safely consume drugs and alcohol. They need to have access to confidential advice and support lines or mentors in whom they can trust.

People are always going to push the boundaries and so we must try and mitigate the damage caused.

I have lived in Spain for 5 years now and so I can only speak for where I live and the people I encounter but everywhere I have worked and everywhere I go out drugs are rife.

People choose to take drugs at the weekend instead of drinking alcohol because there aren’t such negative side effects and getting up for work is easier.


Study drugs and ADHD medications such as Ritalin, Adderall, and Modafinil are used by people that want to focus like crazy and sit and work with no distraction. They are no longer, “recreational”, they are tools to help weaponise the brain.

The Benefits Of Drugs

Each drug has a whole load of benefits and they all have their dangers, some more than others. The problem is that of course they´re addictive and their abuse causes a whole host of problems that we are all aware of.

The problem that society has is that often casual users are considered to be problematic addicts. According to the expert statistics presented by Neil Woods in his book Good Cop Bad War only 10% of drug users are problematic.

The Stigma Of Taking Drugs

Because of this stigma people label themselves as addicts and beat themselves up about it – myself included. I have had the completely wrong perception of addiction this whole time. I thought that I was born an addict.

I am not an addict I am a fiend – and I am happy to finally discover this about myself

I am not an addict and I never have been because nothing has ever beaten my self will. I have had many low periods in my life time where things have been going badly and I have latched on to a certain drug to try and help myself to either forget (Alcohol), escape reality (Cannabis) feel something (MDMA) or to see things from a different perspective (Ketamine) medicate my brain but I have always pulled myself out of it without totally ruining mine or someone else´s life.

This is because I have been fortunate enough to have had a comfortable life to fall back into. Not everyone is this fortunate and so it can be infinitely harder for people to break their addiction.

Nothing has ever stopped me from accomplishing my goals and making a good life for myself – and this is the same for a lot of people that I encounter.

People often message me asking for help and advice and they are almost always beating themselves up for how much they consume and feeling pathetic and useless. They are trying their hardest to battle through life and putting so much pressure on themselves to perform and to be “better”.

Most of these people are employed, have friends, have a family and are relatively successful in life.

This is often a side effect of perfectionism and the Fear of Failure which I discuss in a separate article.

Using Drugs As A Coping Mechanism

Throughout life a lot of people use drugs as coping mechanisms but have often managed to work hard and hold their lives together as best as they can.

What’s so bad about using a coping mechanism? What’s so bad about drinking/smoking/sniffing/eating as a coping mechanism when we are struggling in life.

Why do we beat ourselves up about it?

Drugs and alcohol exist because they benefit us massively (when not abused). Sometimes drugs are needed to let off steam, gain confidence, open up emotionally or see your problems from a different perspective.

What Is Drug Abuse?

Abuse is when you take so much that is starts ruining your life, the lives of others, or you start ruining your body. If you are not ruining any lives or your body then what is the issue?

If you are ruining lives or your body then it is time to stop. Read Getting Treatment For Alcohol Addiction


If you can drink 10 pints a day, live a fulfilling life and not hurt anyone or yourself then what’s wrong with this?

If you can take drugs all the time but you take care of your body, make sure to sleep enough and make sure to counter-balance any side effects with diet, exercise or meditation then what’s the issue?

Why do we have such a stigma around drugs and alcohol and people that like to go out and party?

Why is it that people are scared to say they use drugs because they might be fired, judged or rejected?

Why do people feel guilty for wanting to enjoy themselves?

Why are people shamed for having sex with multiple people?

Why do we feel we don’t deserve to do things that we like?


Why on earth would we listen to the criticisms and negativity from other people telling us how to live our lives?

There is so much hate in the world for people that are different and people that do our of the ordinary or socially acceptable things. No-one even knows where to start when thinking how to act or what to say.

Society tells us what we should or shouldn’t do based on laws but not on morality.

What is the difference in drinking a liquid, sniffing some powder, smoking a joint, popping a pill or stuffing your face with pizza?

Everyone has their poison….

drugs are bad mkay
This is a joint that some friends spent about an hour rolling. I didn´t smoke any of it but thought it would make a nice clickbaity photo
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