Shivers From An Angel

I’m a believer

Last night I had the most profound sober experience of my entire life. Now anyone that knows me knows that although I am very open-minded, I am also quick to dismiss things that seem illogical or supernatural, but that has all changed now, and I will explain why…

The past couple of months have been particularly rough for me, as I know they have for most people. However, I think that in my case the quarantine has had minimal impact on this. I love being in my flat and locking myself away to work.

It is big, spacious and quiet, and we have a big terrace upstairs. I also was given a document by my Psychiatrist to leave the house whenever I wanted, but I hardly ever used it. I live in the centre of Barcelona, and so if you were outside the house without justification you would be fined.

During the past few months, I have gone through a breakup of a long-distance relationship and the start of a new relationship, whilst struggling with an ongoing identity/personality crisis (there will be more on this in some separate articles).

11:11 Make a Wish

My partner is very spiritual and explained to me about angel numbers. I first heard of 11.11 about 10 years ago when I saw a tweet from Paris Hilton saying 11.11 make a wish xoxo. I spent the next 10 years jokingly saying this with my friends, but never took it seriously. My partner kept saying it to me and I kept asking “BUT WHY?”.

She said, “what do you mean why? It’s 11.11, it’s an Angel number and it means that you are on the right path.”

Angel Numbers

I tried to push it further because I wasn’t satisfied without an explanation of why it is 11.11 and not 22.22 i.e. why it’s 1 and not 2, but I had to accept that was the way it was.

I then started seeing 11.11 when I was mentally struggling whilst thinking about decisions in my life. It was appearing to me in my times of need, and when I say appearing, I mean that I would see the time on my phone…

Now I know what you’re thinking, because I thought the same… Of course, our brains will make us look at 11.11 when we need help, still, I thought GREAT, no angels, but I can rely on my brain to tell me when I am on the right path and to stop doubting myself.


The past few weeks everything had just been going right. I had been making a lot of so-called drastic decisions. Messaging friends and family saying drastic and unusual things, (drastic in their opinion), but every time I have known it was the right thing to do.

Taking Risks

I have been taking big risks with my business and devoting my time to helping people and not myself, and this is when things just started clicking into place.

I was panicking and thinking I needed a job ASAP because I had invested all my money in my company, but I couldn’t progress any further until life started back to normal, then I get a message out of the blue from a company that had headhunted me on LinkedIn.

I hadn’t applied for any jobs, I hadn’t posted about wanting jobs, in fact, I had posted about offering jobs and collaborations.

To cut a long story short – talking to the company and being offered what was essentially a fantastic job, I realised that I couldn’t distract myself from my goals and what I wanted to do, and so I politely declined after having 3 Skype meetings, including with the Country Manager for Spain.

Angel Investors

I was also worrying about investment after one investor fell through, and then I get another message out of the blue, and this time it was from an investor in Chile – funny how they are called Angel Investors….

I had a lot of other crazy experiences and was still struggling to drag myself from this depression and cycle of self-hatred and doubt. I felt like I was being put through a series of tests, every possible thing to try and convince me to give up. I always tell people that the answers lie within and that we can solve all our issues if we push hard enough, but I felt I couldn’t push any harder.

Write Notes To Yourself

This was when I decided to go back through the audios and notes on my phone. I always write notes or record audios when ideas pop into my head. I often do it when I take psychedelic drugs so that I remember what I am thinking.

The most profound audios that I recorded I had done whilst I was lucid dreaming. I woke up from my dream and turned the recorder on my phone and then went back into the dream. You can read the transcript here, but it made me realise that in my case the answer lies within – my phone.

I record things that my brain can’t handle at that moment and then they are there for another time when I am ready. It is for this reason that I always record as much of my life as possible, so it is always accessible.

So anyway…

Last night, I was in bed, I had been weirdly very alert before bed and was feeling great, I had had a very positive day getting the all-clear from the Lawyers team to open up The Quest For Wisdom officially, and start releasing at full force all the projects that I have had cooped up in my head for so long.

Angel number 333

I was in bed with my partner and it was 3.33 on 30.05. She told me that 333 was an angel number and that it meant that your angels were nearby and ready to help. I thought GREAT, I could use some help right now. We looked on Google to see what it had to say about the number and it said that I should say a prayer.

So I did….

I was not tired at all and couldn’t sleep but when I closed my eyes I said a quick prayer, “Hey if you are there then please can you give me a sign – actually wait don’t worry you already have”.

I couldn’t sleep so I started writing some poetry. Then I started thinking about the universe and trying to crack some of the mysteries of the universe with abstract thinking. I started writing and as I got closer and closer to the end of my theory of the universe, I was getting shivers all down me… as I am right now and whenever I see the angel numbers. I was getting quite scared, but I knew I had to carry on.

Message From An Angel

When I finished the article, on the middle option in my text prediction the word “Saludos” appeared.

I have 4 keyboards and 5 languages that I switch between – English, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, and Arabic, and so the software has predictions for those languages.

Now Saludos is Spanish for, “Greetings”. I was terrified…. I had seen movies where people received messages on their phones.

I then received a crazy message from what I can only reasonably assume was an Angel.

Click here to read my theory of the universe and find out what the message was.

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