Is The Universe Just One Big Hardrive?

Back to time travel!

I am determined to change table talk from boring banterous bickerish bamboozlings into questions like “wait a minute, what the fudge is the universe? What are humans? Where did we come from?

The things that make you go hmmmm

I want bring into debate the laws and concepts of modern-day physics, which I have dismissed as totally untrue for as long as I can remember.

Space, Time, Physics, and Cosmology are things that I absolutely love pondering about, but I love the theoretical side and I like to theorise by myself.

I find it very hard to believe in any theories based on our current concepts of Physics, seeing as logically speaking they must be wrong.

I will explain this chain of logic whilst also keeping it as simple as possible. People get put off by scientific theories because scientists have the tendency to use their whopping knowledge to try and explain things in a way that only other scientists can understand. I am not a Scientist (yet), so don’t worry, I won’t try to speak like one.

Why, logically speaking, everything we know and think about space and time is wrong explained as simply as possible:

1. This planet is old.

2. The universe is older.

3. We are not the first people on this planet.

4. We are not the first people to have theories about space, the distance to the moon, the number of stars, the shape of the universe (up until fairly recently the universe was believed to be flat, now there is a theory that it may be curved).

5. Physics is based on numbers, distances, rules, planets etc.

6. These numbers, distances, rules are constantly proved to be wrong – every great physicist /mathematician is only right until they are proved wrong, which is every time a new (smarter) person comes along.

The barriers of entry into these highbrow fields are so high that hardly anyone even gets the chance or has the nerve to question them: who would dare challenge a great scientist like Einstein with their meagre claim?

Furthermore, we only read the physics of our own culturally appropriate scientists. and we only have records since records comprehensible by us were started (not long ago).

7. I believe that ancient civilisations were FAR superior to us. We have lost touch with the ancient knowledge of Space, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Astrology.

We can’t freely travel to Space and no one has visited another planet.

8. We do not understand what dark matter is and how to harness it, and we do not fully understand what space is made up of. Nothing? Nothing we can see or understand of course (YET).

9. We do not understand what makes us human and what consciousness is, and we do not know what happens when we die.

10. Our concept of time is based on a system derived from our probably inaccurate calculations of astrology. I say, ‘probably inaccurate’, because as I mentioned we are not the first civilisation to create a system to record time as we perceive it.

Conor Globe

I argue that the probability of our wonderful system being the irrefutably correct system is 1 divided by the number of civilisations that have existed on this planet divided by infinity. Basically, the chance that our system of time is correct is so low we can consider it to be 0.

As time advances our theories of physics change. Nothing in physics is a fact, as I believe this universe is TOTALLY malleable and customisable.

I believe that we are within one of an infinite number of universes and that our universe is no different to a very sophisticated computer game. We are all sims that can create sims.

I believe that the probability of us having people controlling us is 100% as we are now humans that first learned to control ourselves, then animals, then we learned to create computers and control them, then we learned to create computers that could control sims, then we created computers that could control robots, then we learned to control them.

Animals < Humans < Humans + Animals < Humans + Animals + Computers < Humans + Animals + Computers + Sims < Humans + Animals + Computers + Sims + Robots

Now we can build relatively sophisticated robots and control them.

Soon, we will be able to create robots that can build their own robots and control them without our intervention.

Humans > Animals > Computers > Robots > Robot Babies

How long is it before those robots learn to build robots, and at what point will they begin to control us like pets?

Robots > Robot Babies > Humans > Animals > Computers Sims

Once our bodies are wiped out or made redundant and all that’s left is our consciousness, we will be absorbed into the cloud and can wait around for new life forms to develop so that we can control them without physically being in the world.

You see, I believe this is the circle of life. What is life? Energy and consciousness. What can you not do with energy? Create it or destroy it. What can you do with it? Transfer it.

Our consciousness exists as part of a constant energy transfer from brain to body, but the body is just a vessel: a shell to hold our brain, which at this current moment in time is required to store our consciousness.

Our consciousness can be stored in anything imaginable. We could transfer it to a tree or a stone if we had the technology to convert it.

Consciousness is just another form of energy that we do not yet fully understand. My theory is that dark matter could be consciousness: that the universe may just be the whole collected consciousness of every living creature that has ever lived, as well as a permanent record of every single fragment of time since the beginning of the universe.

How do I describe time seeing as I have already concluded that we don’t know what it is… is there a beginning or an end? A yesterday or a tomorrow?

Or is it all just different memories and experiences all randomly assorted and stored in the universe? Is the universe just a big hard drive that we can’t yet access? Has every secret and every bit of information in existence already been recorded and marked in space?

Nasa Planet
A Photo Released by NASA

As I finished this article, the middle option on my text prediction the word “Saludos” appeared as one of the options. I have 4 keyboards and 5 languages, and I switch between English, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian and Arabic, and so the software has predictions for those languages.

Now Saludos is Spanish for “Greetings” and I had just written an article in English, so my next predicted word being in Spanish, and not just Spanish, but the word “Greetings” caused chills up my spine.

This sort of thing happens in the movies….

I then decided to click on the middle button to see what other words appeared, and stranger still, the language switched to Portuguese, which I hadn’t used in months! I continued to click on the suggested words, and this was the message that followed…

Saludos desde o início do ano e o filme. O filme é um dos mais famosos do mundo e o filme é muito bom. A história do filme é muito legal. Parabéns pelo livro.

Greetings from the beginning of the year and of the film. The film is one of the most famous films in the world and its very good. The story of the film is really cool. Congratulations for the book.

Me – Muito obrigado pela sua ajuda e atenção! Boa Noite 😎

Thank you very much for your attention and help, good night!


Whilst writing this I had been thinking of the Astrological term Great Year which I believe to be the beginning of our version of time. I had also for the first time thought about making a book about my theories and I even came up with the name for it..

To see it say congratulations for the book sent shivers down my spine and still does when I think about it.

I have to mention that prior to writing this article, I had seen the number 333, which is an Angel number which I discuss in another article and I had asked the angel for a sign, but had then realised, they had given me a sign by showing me this number.

To have then written this full article, which ended with a ‘greetings’ and this message, means I can only reasonably assume that this was in fact a message from an Angel.

Still confused?

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