Political Correctness Gone Mad

I recently read an article which infuriated me to the core, called “How to Be a White Ally to People of Colour” and it summarises a whole collective of articles with a similar theme, (a lot of these seem to be released by Vice). It was a list of 100 things that White people should and should not do. Political correctness has gone mad and it is ruining the world.

It is a topic which I have been mulling over and debating for a long time now, but I think it is time that we wake up and fight back against “Censorship” and “Political Correctness” and start using our heads and common sense – in order to move forward as an true egalitarian society.

The breakdown of barriers between races and religions, the advancement of LGBT people – and total SOCIAL EVOLUTION – cannot freely develop and flourish whilst people insist on categorising and dividing us into Races, Sexualities, Genders etc.

We are all part of the HUMAN RACE, and creating rules whereby only race/culture/sexuality A can do/say something and other people are not allowed to take part in this keeps us divided and our growth stunted.

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Coronavirus – The Dawning Of A New Age

Coronavirus and The Dawning of a New Age

The Age of Aquarius represents the merging of spirituality and science. A time where religion and science can come together to create medical innovations and technology to help humanity.

I don´t know almost anything about Astrology but I thought it was an interesting quote regardless of whether you believe or not. (Bracha Goldsmith)

I wanted to divulge a new, somewhat more positive message and perspective, on the Coronavirus pandemic.

I have had this weird feeling inside of me that something was coming in April, that I HAD to wait until April before trying to launch my projects.


Everyone in my network of friends and peers everyone has been speaking of Destiny this year, that 2020 is THE year. The energy and the mindset of people around me seems to have changed from the miserable and hopeless outlook that I felt last year in 2019 – as the decade came to an end – to the more positive and spiritual mindset that people seem.

Since I arrived back from Brazil in August 2019, I had the idea that I would give myself 8 months – until APRIL – to explore myself, enjoy Barcelona, and most importantly decide what to do with my life.


Tensions have been rising around the world with intercontinental cold-war threats, the refugee crisis is being somewhat ignored, and people are unhappy. But at the same time, I see that all around me people are bubbling with creativity and energy and just waiting for something to explode.

After reading the bible as a kid, I decided that I didn’t believe in a god – at least not the god described in the bible or the other similar texts. I decided that a perfect god would not have made such an imperfect, illogical book filled with contradictions.

coronavirus and the dawning of a new age

I did then start to believe in humanity and the power of our subconsciousness and our instincts. The human subconsciousness and human animal instincts are by far the most underrated weapon in the global arsenal.

Throughout my life I have broken mostly every rule that I have been faced with. I have broken the law repeatedly; I have always tried to push the boundaries and test my mental and physical limits. This is because I have always followed my instincts and done what I think is the (morally) right thing to do. Every risk I have taken I have always analysed, accepted and sometimes suffered the consequences.

In my case these consequences have mainly been mental, and my mental health has taken a severe beating my whole life for my decisions but I stand by them – because I have good intentions.

The point I am trying to make here is that when we fight against our instincts we make errors. When we stick with something that we know deep down is wrong we suffer. Be this a relationship, a career, a hobby or anything else in life.

We are born with killer instincts and we must not ignore these.

We are born to survive.

The society or culture in which we grow up in can either help or numb and discourage these survival instincts.

Recently I was asked by a good friend if I thought that humans were still evolving… I had thought about this topic before and so I responded by saying that I believe that technology is evolving but humans are devolving……

Survival of the fittest no longer exists because the weak CAN survive due to advances in medicine. Illnesses CAN be cured, disabilities CAN be cured, lifespans CAN be extended.

This means that humanity is physically DEVOLVING. It is losing this natural killer instinct – the ability to survive.


Modern medicine means that the most important part of any body – the brain – is often able to survive, and people can reproduce even in a “weak” body.  

So, humanity is left with rapidly increasing brainpower and less human skills. In the ultra-capitalist countries people are trained to be robots, slaves to the system, cogs in the wheel.

In the more relaxed liberal countries people develop with the desire to make a change but they lack the drive and necessity that capitalism chokes you with, but there is yet to be a balance between the two.

More and more of our natural humanistic traits are ebbed away as we become logicians and move one step closer to the new generation.


April is when the world starts to implement the new 5g internet that has been long awaited.

Now I know this may not seem like a big deal because everybody is happy with the internet right?


The new 5g internet is the dawning of the new age. Autonomous cars will take over, people will be able to not just video call but hologram call. Huge amounts of data will be able to be transferred worldwide almost instantly.

coronavirus and the dawning of a new age
Photo By Josh Hild

This paves the way for the new internet of things. Every new appliance will be connected to the internet and it will grow and grow at a terrifyingly quick rate. People will have to accept that technology is better than them and that they must humbly step aside as robots take their place.

We will all be connected to the cloud or the “internet” and we will all be nodes of this network. We will be able to operate hyper-efficiently because all exchange of information will be seamless.

It is very strange because I wrote some predictions in my journal about 9 months ago about this topic and the evolution of humans. I wrote that soon we would all be connected to a cloud or Oracle and we would become the internet of things.

I also predicted that there would be a separatist movement of anarchists who wanted to separate themselves from this total submission of our privacy and go “off the grid”.

If all this goes as planned then it does however mean that humans can go back to being humans, with human interactions, less stress, more efficiency and more importantly more TIME.

The Positive Side of Coronavirus

So this brings it back to the Coronavirus… the Coronavirus, whether man made or not (depending on who you believe), serves a purpose and does actually have some positive elements.

For starters a lot of people have time off work or school – or the ability to work from home. This gives people the chance to spend more time with family, time to earn some extra cash, time to start that tai-chi course they saw on Youtube and time to gather there thoughts before the boom that is going to happen once the virus is under control.

People are having to learn to socialise and re-connect with friends via new applications like House Party. There are brain training games and challenges flying around social media, causing people to start learning to pass the time with healthy and productive games.

27 Figures Of Speech
Find the 27 figures of speech

Take all the positives out of a very negative, stressful and worrying situation that you possibly can, and good things will come. Its going to be a weird few months as we battle the Coronavirus but 2020 is the year where science and spirituality aka the cultures / religions combine.

I think that everyone could sense that something big was coming – WELL THIS IS IT

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#5 Why Is Everyone Drinking and Sniffing Cocaine To Solve Their Problems?

This article will focus on problem drinking (drinking to solve problems), and why we do this. I will try and use my experiences and the experiences of people that I have met – that have opened up to me – in order to write in a way that will hopefully be able to touch some people. The article will focus on drinking to solve problems but also mention the problem use of Cocaine – as often these go hand in hand.

I really want to make clear that I am not Anti-Alcohol or Anti-Drugs at all, for people that can use them with moderation, and are in control, they are a wonderful pleasure and very enjoyable. I just want to help people that feel they HAVE to use substances to hide from things, and that cannot control their use. 

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The Assassination of Marielle Franco and LGBT Rights.

The assassination of Marielle Franco shocked Brazil and shocked me when I found out about it. Marielle fought for LGBT rights in Brazil and was a well respected politician before she was killed by oppossition.

When I went on a walking tour of the city the name Marielle Franco was mentioned and touched upon briefly, and I made a note of it to investigate further. The name came up again whilst watching the winning Samba School – Mangueira, as part of their float was dedicated to her – and I was lucky enough to be with some Brazillians who explained to me the significance of the memorial to her. I knew I had to write about it.

“Her relentless and brave activism against the most lawless police battalions, her opposition to military intervention, and, most threateningly of all, her growing power as a black, gay woman from the favela seeking not to join Brazil’s power structure, but to subvert it”

Glenn Greenwald (Journalist and friend of Marielle)
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What Actually is Carnaval?

The majority of us have all either seen on TV, or been at a Carnaval celebration – but does anyone actually know what its about? I found out why certain countries celebrate Carnaval -and why for example its not something we have in the UK- before I came here, but I was still not particularly interested in it.

Yesterday I spent the day with some Brazillians who took me down to the, “Sambódromo“, (the stadium type place where people watch the parades), to buy a ticket for the “finals” of the “competition” on Saturday. I was thinking “how can there be “finals” of a parade?”. When they started explaining to me how it all worked and why it is SUCH a big deal in Brasil I became much more interested.

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Arriving in Rio de Janeiro

Arriving in Rio De Janeiro (Brazil), I was excited, nervous, overwhelmed, and basically an amalgamation of all the emotions I had ever experienced. I felt like a child in a candy store but also like a tiny little fish in a sea of sharks.

I found it hilarious thinking back to all the times I had seen people with GoPros strapped to themselves and thinking, “what a weirdo”, NOW I AM THAT WEIRDO!

arriving in rio de janeiro
Sugar Loaf Mountain in Rio De Janeiro
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Door to door the journey was about 21 hours, which to be honest I have no complaints about. I slept for about 2 hours before getting up at 4am and strapping the GoPro to myself, so I was bleary eyed and running on fumes. I found it hilarious thinking back to all the times I had seen people with GoPros strapped to themselves and thinking, “what a dickhead”, NOW I AM THAT DICKHEAD!

On the Plane I was next to a nice lady from Florianópolis (Brazil), who was finishing her Doctorate in Portuguese! This was the perfect person to chat to to practise my Portuguese before landing.

Teaching Myself Portuguese

Up until then I had been teaching myself Portuguese using Youtube videos, listening to Podcasts and chatting to people using Tandem which is an amazing app, which links you with people who want to learn one of the languages you speak, and the languages you want to learn.

It is not location based and so I had spent about 5 months writing to people from Brazil – but only ever met and spoke in person with one person who happened to come on Holiday to Barcelona, (for anyone wanting to learn or practise a language I highly recommend Getting Tandem , (more on that in a future post).

Anyway, she had been doing research for her Doctorate in Guinea Bissau, which is a Portuguese speaking country in West Africa. I was asking her about her time there and what she learned.

She explained how amazing it was to be in a different country, in a different continent, where everyone had a different skin colour, yet the culture was so similar and made her feel so welcome.

Brazillian Culture

Brazillian culture has a lot of influence from West Africa due to the slave trade but she said it was amazing that she felt like there was no hostility, or negative feeling because of this.

It got me thinking about The cultural similarities of the UK and other english speaking countries. The UK + Ireland basically just share the love of drinking – along with Australia. With Americans I think we share very little culturally, and personally I often find it extremely difficult to communicate with them.

The Canadians that I have come across have all been much more grounded and I think we understand each other a little bit more – of course that is thanks to Her Majesty The Queen (joke). South Africa I dont know so much about, but it fascinates me and will be a future quest.

It also made me think of all of the countries that the British Empire colonised, exploited, enforced our way of thinking, and then abandoned when we had bled them dry.

It made me angry thinking of Brexit and my opinion that the “Majority” vote was won on the whole because of racism, xenophobia and the dislike of other cultures,”destroying our wonderful British culture”. WE SHOULD BE WELCOMING CULTURAL CHANGE AND DIVERSITY.


Arriving in Rio De Janeiro

When we arrived above Rio de Janeiro in the plane there was an announcement saying that we couldn´t land due to bad weather, they told us we were diverting to Belo Horizonte.

I remembered that BH was about 5 hours from Rio in a bus and it made me start grasping the sheer enormity of Brasil. Its like trying to land in London but being unable to, and so flying to Newcastle to land for a bit and then nip back.

Luckily it only delayed us for a a few hours and didn´t bother me at all. The poor lady next to me was nearly having a panic attac as she had no way to contact her family and let them know she was safe, but delayed. Eventually someone gave her a phone she could use and this was sorted.

Immigration in Brazil

Waiting in the queue for Immigration I was preparing a speech for when I was questioned on my intentions in the country, (I didnt have a return flight or an outward flight), which is supposed to be one of the requirements for being granted the tourist visa.

I had quickly booked a hostel in Argentina and so was going to say that I was planning to go to Foz do Iguacu where there are waterfalls which border Argentina and Paraguay, (I do plan on going here at some point). After you leave Brasil you can then return again and stay another 3 months, (up to a total of 6 months per year).

Foz Do Iguazu
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However, much to my disappointment, they stamped my passport without saying a word! This made me think how insanely lucky I am to have a British passport and just go basically wherever I want with almost no questions asked.

Living in Barcelona and constantly meeting people from non European countries has made me realise how much we take for granted – before going to Russia last year I had never had to apply for a Visa to go on holiday anywhere!

This is not a luxury that people from other countries have. People are forced to live in fear and, “break the law”, just to try and make a better life for themself as an “illegal immigrant”. People dont usually flee their country or leaves their loved ones to go and leach off another country – they do it out of necessity.

Click here to listen to my poem titled the Little Boy From Syria about a refugee that flees his country.

Foz Do Iguacu Brazil
The Borders between Paraguy, Argentina, and Brazil where Foz Do Iguacu is located

When I arrived in Rio de Janeiro finally I was buzzing. Went straight to a taxi, agreed with his 100R$ (25€) fee with no question and had a nice chat with him on the way.

The rain in Rio had caused some savage flooding and so there was cars trying to drive through what basically looked like lakes on the road. My taxi driver did some pro driving and got us around this.

When I arrived at my one night temporary hostel it was an absolute dive – basically a squat – no lockers and very poor amenities. I was sooo happy that I had booked a week in a nice hostel months ago, before I had my flight, (as it is carnaval everywhere was either fully booked or about 400 million euros a night.

My first day in Rio I moved to the new nice hostel, met some nice people, got my bearings and joined in with some dancing and parades. I didn´t want to wear my GoPro on the first day until I had a sense of if this would make me a walking target. I quickly saw that everyone was instagramming and snapchatting non stop and could see the people that were going to quickly have their phones stolen.

The best thing about Rio so far is being able to walk around semi naked, (and fit in), WITHOUT looking like a Brit Abroad! For a sweaty man like me this is heaven.

Living in Barcelona you quickly adapt to a permanent state of extreme caution for your personal belongings. I wouldn´t even call it paranoia as the level of theft there is absolutely mind blowing.

I am trying to get my head around how to use this GoPro software and it is driving me insane. I am trying to make a montage video of my journey from door to door as I filmed most of it – and its quite funny looking through the videos and different stages.

I apologise in advance for what will be a very amateur video! I wanted to write this post now before the main day of Carnaval -which is today!- just to keep you all updated.

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