#19 – Creativity, Songwriting, and Musical Influences with Cal Murphy

Today, our guest in The Quest for Wisdom Podcast is Cal Murphy. Cal, a Barcelona-based singer-songwriter known for his unique blend of traditional Irish folk music with modern punk and comedic twists. His warm-hearted nature and talent make this episode a must-listen, shedding light on his music and personal life.

We discussed his latest album, “One More Glass of Whiskey,” his creative process, musical influences, and his journey in the music industry. Drawing inspiration from Irish music and punk culture, Cal’s style is a testament to his diverse influences and passion for storytelling through music. He talked about the significance of musical influences in shaping his career and the importance of staying true to one’s roots.

Cal reflects on his evolution as an artist and individual, emphasizing the importance of growth, experimentation, and integrity in his work. He candidly shares his thoughts on the music industry and how artists can maintain their authenticity amidst changing trends.

Looking ahead, Cal discusses his aspirations for his music career, expressing a desire to connect with a broader audience while staying true to his artistic vision.

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Cal Murphy Music Inspiration:

  1. Green Day – American Rock Band
  2. Liam Clancy – Irish Folk Singer
  3. Black Sabbath – English Rock Band
  4. The Clash – English Rock Band
  5. The Pogues – English or Anglo-Irish Celtic Punk Band
  6. Dick Gaughan – Scottish musician, Singer and Songwriter


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Topics/Chapters Discussed in this Episode

  1. Cal Murphy: Introduction [00:00:00 – 00:03:58]
  2. Musical Career & Popular Music [00:03:59 – 00:12:40]
  3. The Creative Process and Musical Evolution [00:12:41 – 00:32:50]
  4. Musical Inspiration & Influence [00:32:51 – 01:08:40]
  5. One More Glass of Whiskey & The Story Behind it [01:08:41 – 01:32:48]
  6. Future Aspirations and Projects [01:32:49 – 01:50:51]

Resources Mentioned

Other insightful and inspiring resources mentioned in this podcast episode:

Insightful Quotes

  • All it takes is being in the right place, at the right time, and for the one right person to see you, and that’s the break. The more that you expose yourself, the more you bring that chance of something good happening.” – Conor Monaghan
  • “Even if you are playing the same stuff, even if it did have to play every day, I’d still do it because it’s worth the repetitiveness to keep getting on the stage” – Cal Murphy
  • As everything’s becoming really like techie and advancing, like making new shorts and TikTok. I think it’s cool and I appreciate the people that do that. However, I want to stick to kind of semi-traditional-type things. At least for a while and hold on to that for as long as possible because the new market will get saturated and then the old stuff will be like vintage. Then you have your niche already there because you’re the only one left doing the normal stuff.” – Conor Monaghan
  • I feel like the show should be making your audience laugh and cry, and that’s why no matter what project or no matter how serious the majority of the songs are, there’s always something funny that I have to try to do. There’s always that impulse to write a funny song.” – Cal Murphy
  • Even the most righteous freedom fighter vulnerable to corruption once their place in power is secured.”– Conor Monaghan
  • It’s always niggling at me that the people who complain about power and power structures seem like people who just want power themselves and they don’t like the fact that other people have it and they feel powerless.” – Conor Monaghan

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