The Start Of The Quest

The Quest For Wisdom

Artwork created by @artbybenjim

Join this game, the Start of The Quest

For the chance to prove that you´re the best

All it takes is a small donation

To win the treasure of the nation

So let yourself experience insanity

Only then can we save humanity

The more people risk the bigger the prize

More money in the pot will save more lives

The Quest For Wisdom will solve all crime

We just need your trust and a bit of time

Bit by bit the world will change

From boring and mundane into wacky and strange

So take a risk and just be brave

Then youl find the wisdom you crave

Master your brain between your eyes

Only then will you  be wise

In the bushes by the tree

There youl find your destiny

Deep within the darkest sin

This page has the answer in

The treasure is not hard to see

Underneath the biggest tree

In the city lost in the sea

Lives a god we cannot see

In the word of DMT

Lay 4 letters which belong to me

With this word you must find

The biggest of one of its kind

In Barcelona within a church

Lies a brain which you must search

From this brain you will find a code

Which will lead you on your road

The sea god knows the time is right

For you to go to sleep and rest the night

In the morning when you wake

The answer lies within the cake

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First person to solve the riddle will win the jackpot and then each person after will win less. 

Donate on the Gofundme page to register. You can pay any amount you want but please be generous and pay a fair price for a chance to win the prize fund. 

Everyone´s financial circumstances are different so this is why there is no set entry price.

More clues will be added soon.

The website is being improved every single day so tell me if you have any ideas of things you would like to see.

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