#17 – Unicycle Jousting, Sober Living and The Comedy Mafia with John Allis

John Allis is the owner of the Comedy Clubhouse in Barcelona as well as the Unicycle Jousting Champion of New Zealand.

If that´s not impressive enough, John is also a stand-up comedian and recently opened for Tom Segura.

Today we talk about the bitter unicycle rivalry in New Zealand, juggling and circus tricks, and John´s approaches to a new life without alcohol. We also discuss some tips for running a business.

John will also share amusing stories and valuable insights from the intricacies of running a Comedy Club, finding the right balance between creative passion and practical business decisions, and the valuable lessons learned from mistakes.

To find out more about John Allis click here:

John is a light hearted and highly driven human and I hope you enjoy our conversation


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Topics/Chapters Discussed in this Episode

  1. Introduction: Who is John Allis? [00:00:00 – 00:01:11]
  2. Unicycle Jousting Championships [00:01:11 – 00:10:34]
  3. Finding FulfillmentThrough Lost Hobbies [00:10:34 – 00:23:04]
  4. How To Find Pleasure In The Sober Life [00:23:04 – 00:43:54]
  5. The Birth of Barcelona’s Comedy Clubhouse [00:43:54 – 00:50:13]
  6. How To Run A Successful Business [00:50:13 – 01:23:13]
  7. Wrapping It Up [01:23:13 – 01:26:24]

Resources Mentioned

Other insightful and inspiring resources mentioned in this podcast episode:

  • The Molecule of More: How a Single Chemical in Your Brain Drives Love, Sex, and Creativity―and Will Determine the Fate of the Human Race by Daniel Z Lieberman, Michael E Long (2018)
  • Chris Williamson’s Modern Wisdom Podcast
  • Charlie Houpert’s Charisma on Command Podcast

Insightful Quotes

  • A lot of people these days are, in my opinion, like “oh, if I pick this identity or if I sort of identify with this particular group, then I’ll be unique.” But you’re picking a group. You’re not picking yourself, you know?” – John Allis
  • “I’m trying to emulate someone who’s better than I am, because I think they’re great. Once you do that, you can know that people are going to perceive you in a relatively positive way, probably, but also not have it be the focus of your life.” – John Allis
  • “The biggest challenges? Mostly interpersonal stuff. That’s been the biggest learning thing for me; How to manage people, how to show appreciation when people work hard, how to stick up for myself as well, and how to assert myself in a reasonable way.” – John Allis
  • “The opposite of addiction is not sobriety. The opposite of addiction is purpose. Because you’re trying to fill that void with whatever until that void is filled by meaning and purpose.” – Conor Monaghan
  • “The more money we make, the happier everyone is.” – John Allis
  • “Don’t push too much, push just the right amount… It’s like a dance that you can play where you push a little bit and then you see what the response is like.” – John Allis

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