Where´s The Food At?

How the hell are we supposed to feed ourselves with shelves stacked high with shiny products and new concoctions from the large conglomerates.

It’s an abomination in this nation that just wants to feed itself with real food grown in the ground in the local town, with farmers treated right and paid a fair price and animals valued for the meat they provide – in return for their lives.

Open your eyes and take a look at a packet…

It’s trash with a list of ingredients an A-Z of chemicals being manufactured in labs and flogged to the masses with no thought for the consequences.

It´s senseless,

Growing food then stripping it of nutrients and pumping it with glucose just to satisfy the sweet tooth and keep us hooked on junk food.

But I should mention, that even with good intentions and a desire to be healthy and the wealth of information available on the InterWeb,

It still does my head in with all the confliction, contradiction, fact and fiction, keto or vegan, raw, pure, carnivore, it’s a chore – and it bores me beyond belief.

Not only are there a million diets, but each one says it’s right – backed by profit funded studies and bias and outright liars

It’s a minefield and it feels overwhelming.

Who to trust and what to eat, who would have thought it be such a difficult feat,

Just to figure out whether or not we should be eating meat.

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