#2 – The Rise of Creativity, Performance and World Poetry Slam Championships with Makis Moulos

Today´s guest is Makis Moulous (@Makismoulos), he is secretary of the World Poetry Slam Championship and leads several other Poetry and Performing arts organisations.   

We speak about Poetry, Careers in Poetry Slam, Boycotting the World Poetry Slam Championship, Traumas, Coming Out Stories, Family Relationships, Struggles of the LGBTQI+ Community, Writing Procedure, Community Building, Living with our Past and so much more during our conversation.

It was particularly uplifting and exciting conversation and both of us were left feeling very grateful for the opportunity to speak freely with compassion and respect.


Makis Moulos (Greece,1980), is a trilingual writer, poet and a spoken word artist. He uses his confident style to explore themes such as sexuality, stigmas and gender.

He has published 4 personal poetry anthologies and collaborated in various short stories and poetry books in Greece, Germany and the US.

Makis is the organizer and founder of English poetry slam competition in Barcelona and the Greek poetry slam. He is also the organizer of the annual festival “Duende Sessions” in Barcelona.

The last 4 years he has been experimenting with adding live music in his performances and spoken word collaborations and he has created the band “True Love W8s”.

He is the secretary of the new World Poetry Slam Organization and he was one of the main organizers of the European Poetry Slam Championship 2021 and director of World Poetry Slam Championship 2022 in Brussels.

Makis is an amazing human, I hope you enjoy our conversation


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How to Find Makis


Organizer of @poentryslam , @duendesessions in Barcelona, @poetryslamgr


Poets Mentioned in the Conversation:




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