#3 – Hare Krishna, Consciousness, God, the Demigods, and Enlightenment with Florian Casajuana

Florian Casajuana is London born comedian and performer who has studied theatre since the age of 8 and loves being the centre of attention. He has followed the Hare Krishna (cult as he jokingly puts it) for 5 years and has recently been initiated as a full fledged member.

He is a fun, intelligent and fanatic preacher who prays sincerely, sins extravagantly and expresses trauma transparently on stage.

He is addicted to milk and looks down on those who disrespect cows. Today we discuss: Hare Krishna, Consciousness, God and the Demigods, Celibacy and no sex before marriage, Path to Enlightenment Comedy and much more

Florian is unique human being with a quirky energy and I hope you find our conversation enlightening.


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